If I go into my computer …I have Win 7 btw…and click on the dvd drive it doesnt register a disk being present. The key of my problem as to unable to reading LightScribe is the answer of this question of mine: However, the problem is still with reading lightscribe discs. Thus, my answer for your question is No, I don’t use compression software unless if the program ‘HP Recovery Manager’ used a compression built-in tool while creating those discs’ Moreover, I have even restored my laptop from the HP factory Recovery discs which means everything must have been OK. This means that the ‘start’ of the second layer may not have any recorded material present. My HP laptop is well-cared, as opposed to my sister’s Inspiron Dell laptop, which is always thrown in dust without caring at all. In OTP mode, the second layer is read from the outside of the disk.

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A common misconception is that the disc spins first in one direction, and then another, either for PTP or OTP recording, when in fact DVD-Writers always spin a disc in the clockwise direction.

Audiovisual introductions in DVD. Take this one for example. Could anyone please at this splendid forum take some of their precious time out to really reply my questions and solve my problems? SL stands for standard single-layer discs, while DL denotes the dual-layer variants. Since no one replied to me at HP forums, although my HP lyer is one of their products, I had to post my problem here to know if my driver is corrupted and needs to be replaced or not.


I’ve tried installed the latest version of lightscribe software, then I run the diagnostic utility, however, the problem still persists. Here is an example at Amazon.

When clicking on the uspermulti disc drive ‘double-click’ while disc was inserted, then I found that disc opened as this way NOTE: It says that my disc is not wupermulti, but wouldnt a DVD-R be writable but not erasable?

I still advise downloading ImgBurn because it can do one of these tasks. Resources for IT Professionals. If by maintenance, I would be saying it would cost more than its price by a vernder shop to have a look at it. For ” with double Layer Support”, ” How much does it cost?

Super-Multi External 24x DVD Rewriter with SecurDisc™ and LightScribe

This is in order to minimise the time that the video player takes to locate and focus on the second layer and thus provide the shortest possible pause in the content as the layer changes. The drive with dual-layer capability accesses the second layer by shining the laser through the first semi-transparent layer.

Here, first, I suggest you check the hardware component of the two PCs, If the HP does support lightscribe and Dell does not support lightscribe, then I’m afraid that the labels you created for the layed might be incorrect whcih causes this issue. Edited by cooperator Monday, January 5, Windows 7 Media oayer See also History of optical storage media High-definition optical disc format war.

Take this one for example, I’d be happy to do all I can to help with your lightscribe.

LG SATA DVD RW Lightscribe Burner Drives – GH22LS30 | eBay

Could you please be a little bit patient with me and go through all my points below and answer me:: Search the Internet for LightScribe to find these pages. Update the BIOS and chipest driver.


I would be saying that LightScribe website is no longer available discontinued. A dual-layer disc differs /rw its usual DVD counterpart by employing a second physical layer within the disc itself. The layer change can exhibit a noticeable pause in some DVD players, up to several seconds.

I did not find an updated firmware for your drive.

I’ve also been searching in HP lyer, but always they said nonsense comments which I don’t put up with. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Thanks a lot, Yes, you’re right the two threads are concerned about one issue. Monday, January 5, 3: The drivers for optical drives are contained within the operating system and do not need to be updated.

HP Lightscribe SuperMulti 8x DVD R/rw Double Layer | eBay

We can see the pictures you pasted above, the main issue now you encountered is that the HP optical drive lightscribe-enabled drive is unable to correctly read the lightscribe discs, while the Dell optical drive without the feature lightscribe reads all the disks.

Optical disc Optical disc drive Optical disc authoring Authoring software Recording technologies Recording modes Packet writing. Hi, the reason why I am using that particular program is because it allows me to set the DVD with templates, pictures, and music easily.