Can you please tell me what exactly need to change in router and laptop settings. Not sure about beam. December 13, at 8: So, am also not able to connect more then 2 devices at a time.. Your WIFI is enabled.

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Beetel 450BX1 Login Instructions

Top Solutions As you have forgotten the password there is no way that you can login and reset the router the last resort will be do a hard factory reset t But when I open any website, it says:.

Thank you Rajat, never thought tikona might be using mac address!!

Now I came to rajapalayam and want to rest kindly say how to rest pl sir? January 8, at 3: February 28, at 6: Could you pls advice how to configure it for Tikona. After seeing above comments,my only hope is you. I do this like your blog RF Post processing.

How to Login to the Beetel BX1

Hi Abhay, what is the issue that you are facing? Hi Arun, Just beetrl once, if tikona has given you access for one system or what? Sir i have beetel BX1 adsl2 modem. After resetting the router to factory settings, open the link You are now ready to follow one of our other guides. January 31, at 6: Not sure about beam. The link also has a step-by-step instruction to apply the firmware upgrade in my caseI think it was a downgrade in versionneverthless it worked.


Thanks Nitin for quick reply.

How to Reset the Beetel 450BX1

No, details I was just given for tikona portal, where I had to login, to access internet. Hi, SSID — name for you wireless connection. March 19, at 6: I have a beetel tc2 modem that was given when taking airtel connection riuter hyd Now I m leaving hyd and want to sell it off.

December 26, at 5: Your guide worked as mentioned. Tikona gives both type of modem wireless and lan based, mine is lan based. I have updated the mac bestel in the interface setup WAN.

Just try to set it up in bridge mode, and disabling dhcp. Buddy tnx a million.

Wireless connects fine with PC. This is not a problem with my PC.

Beetel BX1 ADSL 2+ router modem setting please for BSNL | BSNL Broadband | India Broadband Forum

It’s a good idea to check on the wireless setting to be sure your network is still secure. July 20, at 3: Do not check Enable Wireless Guest Network. Adal2 help would be highly appreciated. Login to the Beetel BX1 Now that you have finished the reset you need to login to the device using the proper default username and asl2.


February 23, at 6: However since 2 days I am unable to connect to internet through the modem as ip address is not getting assigned.