You must log in or sign up to reply here. However, they redeem themselves with sweet mids and treble which is appreciable on jazz and classical, which don’t delve down into the deep bass regions. May 17, at 1: However, there is a scooped out sound to the mids that leave the Prolines sounding hollow. So take that into consideration when reading my impressions.

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I just got the AH-Ds from Headroom and the stories are true. You can read about the markl mods on the Lawton Audio site Initial Impressions My initial thoughts about this headphone were that it was a beauty to behold, very comfortable, but was too bass heavy for my liking.

I am currently using the denon ah-d May 15, at 3: Sax, guitar, vocals, all suond full, lush and very realistic. Out of the four the SA is clearly the most detailed.

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May 18, at 4: For some reason I feel the soundstage also improved but I’m really not sure. I can’t say I would have imagined a very bass-heavy can as the Denons are to appeal to me.


If they are supposed to get even better with more burn-in, then I’m stoked! Post 5 of Custom Cups, dynamat and Angle Pads.

Listening (to) Notes: The MD DE | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Once in a while you make a personal discovery that changes the way you look at the world. May 15, at 4: May 15, at 7: I’m running them off of my higher end Denon AVR.

Totally Dubbed likes this. I found jazz upright bass to sound superior to electric bass for rock with these headhones. But after 36 hours of burn in the bass has relaxed soudn a large degree and the mids, now free from the bass, bloom into their own.

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However, I did have specific reasons for choosing what I did. My conclusion was that these headphones were probably better suited to a solid state amp but if I had more time and money to experiment with different tubes I may have been able to create better synergy between the amp mv5000 the cans.

Being a closed can with extra damping this is what I would have expected.

I used the Denons for a week straight without listening to any other headphone, so I could get a good feel for the sound. I’ve had my D2ks burning in with pink noise for about 40 hours now and Jan 12, at 4: There is to much bass which takes the middles and highs away from where it has to be Would love to hear about it These closed cans have a better soundstage than they have a right to.


I would definitely like to be put on the list. While these were not the only recordings I used, the majority of my critical listening was with these albums. I am very drawn to the instruments, rhythms and vocals of Arabic music and the recordings used large orchestras on certain sections, giving me a taste of both Arabic and classical in the same song.

Denon D2000/D5000, MD2000/MD5000 Thread!

You may be in trouble when you demo the LA then haha. Out of the box these phones have way to much bass, slow and farty with no boundries.

The extra damping helps to cure this problem. If you like, I’ll put you on the list for a demo unit.