Swervedriver had scheduled a showcase at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. In addition to being burned out from the rest of their tour, the band members were growing tired of the encompassing drug scene at their studio space and had entertained selling Bad Earth Studio to Ash before the building lease ran out on them. So we would rehearse down in their basement and every now and then Mick would come down and Mick was like ten years old. Retrieved 28 July Even before I heard the music, I liked that about them.

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In the end, we left him with enough money to get to San Francisco. Swervedriver were different, though; not following but leading. Primary Artist, Producer, Mixing, Composer. Along with the fact that Schhool and Bowie died within a few weeks of each other there was also a photograph of them together but it turned out to be a photograph that somebody mocked up, a fake photograph. I found out a few weeks later that I had inadvertently given him a lift to our lawyers in Westbourne Grove so he could sort out the legalities of leaving the band.

Pedals and Passion: An Interview with Adam Franklin of Swervedriver – HighWire Daze

Thank you for supporting Highwire Daze! That takes you from one end of schoop country to the other. I have a few questions from fans. Introspection Late Night Partying. It got me back into playing that song. You need a bass player.


How did Swervedriver form? I’d just never heard it played like that before.

In response, the group requested to be released from their contract. What did you initially bond over? Last Train to Satansville. Space Travel, Rock ‘n’ Roll. Graham had his own problems at the time and, as everyone now knows, jumped off the tour bus at Niagara Falls.

I interviewed him for the album and he said all the synth sounds were actually guitars. Highwire Daze magazine Issue out November 9th! Singles of the Week dchool At the time a lot of the lyrics were influenced by Love and Rockets, the comic book, which had frames of kids scoring beer and then driving downtown.

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Back in the day there were plenty of records that were quite different than in the States.

In Junethe band announced a five-date magndt in Australia for late September—early October during which they would be performing Raise in its entirety along with “old and new highlights”. Bandcamp Album of the Day Apr 12, go to album. After that, we both ended up at the same college in Oxford and there we formed Shake Appeal out of the remnants of earlier outfits.



Something Borrowed Something Blue. So playing Raise live was really good fun and it focused us into how the new album was programmed and it fed into the making of the new album. Those songs had been recorded on my laptop over the last two to three years or maybe longer.

Swervedriver broke up early on, but then reformed. Trish Keenan sadly passed away a number of years ago.

Magnet School

Post-Youth Depression by Joe Brown. But after nearly a decade, you guys are talking about a reunion tour. There was a period when Rave Down got really slow almost like stoner rock or something and we realised it had got way too slow. Steve George had joined to play bass after Mezcal Head, so this is the wservedriver album he played on.