The combination of these delays impede total printer throughput. Performing them out of order can introduce and not solve -printing -problems. Is there power at the outlet? A cheap and charming color laser printer A cheap and charming color laser printer by Dan Ackerman. To order replacement parts, contact Intermec: Printing continues from the third band. Switch off the printer power and remove the power cord before cleaning any part of the printer.

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Switch off the printer power and remove the power cord before cleaning any part of the printer.

Intermec EasyCoder 3600 Printer

Labels stick to door or fail to strip. Label stock is loaded incorrectly. Thermal transfer, dpi5 ips6.

Remove the label from under the label taken sensor. Install the printer electronics cover and the media cover. Caution A caution alerts you to an operating procedure, practice, condition, CAUTION or s t a t rpint t th a t must be strictly observed to prevent equipment damage or destruction, or corruption or loss of data.

Least significant bit first C: The software contained in the printer and the accompanying materials are copyrighted. The printer utilizes both forms of handshaking simultaneously when the printer’s input buffer is full.


Search Login Cart 0 Your cart is empty. The 6300 adjustment lever provides three stops forward movement of the printhead and three stops backward movement from center position in 0.

Intermec EasyCoder 3600 – label printer – monochrome – direct thermal / thermal transfer

It is used to set the current level for the motor driver circuit. The printer has one electrically powered motor that is the source of simultaneous movement for all of the driven parts.

Use a power line monitor, such as the BMIto look for power service problems. If sensitivity is set correctly, try changing the dark adjust command. Insert the new label mark sensor into the extrusion.

Remove the power cord and the media cover. The test labels can be used for checking printhead alignment, printhead bias, dots out of specification, label tracking, and ribbon wrinkling.

Printers by Rick Broida Oct 16, If this adjustment does not eliminate ribbon wrinkling, try readjusting the ribbon supply hub and realigning the printhead.

Intermec EasyCoder Thermal Barcode Label Printer, – Barcode Discount

Printer circuit breaker tripped. Replace the cable if it is damaged. Box Everett, WA U. To eliminate the effects of power outages, install a UPS. Retain the washer between the gear and the main deck plate. Printing has not begun. If this intemrec fails, there may be a problem with the printer serial port receiver circuitry or the setup.


Loosen the two screws securing the hub adjustment plate. At this point, all three available image bands have been filled.

Replace it only with the same or equivalent type battery recommended by the manufacturer. Invalid data shift command. A-3 Printer Maintenance Manual A media supply assist roller and brake assembly are part of the media supply post function. Raise the printhead and remove the media and ribbon if loaded. Instead, the printer produces output, even if it is erroneous, which gives you an indication of what went wrong and what should be done to correct the problem.

Install the power switch by pushing the new receptacle into the cutout in the main deck plate. Large electric motors, welders, and switching equipment can negatively affect printer performance.