I am inclined to think that I have messed things up rather badly – that’s why I gave myself the “stupid move” option in the title. Performance As more software got added to the computer, I noticed a noticeable slowing down particularly during booting and screen refreshes and in the page file activity disk activity during boot and slow screen-refreshes as the virtual memory got used actively. I was using a GiB hard drive with six partitions: If only the audio they pumped out was good. Conclusion The Dell B ends up being a fine notebook for general usage and as an extension of a desktop computer. You have a number of old partitions, some of which are built on the old file system ext3. I have had the opportunity to repeat the restore a couple of times after that and am happy to report that it worked perfectly each time.

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With MB on-board, the computer works quite fast and the hard drive gets a lot of rest, as does the battery since hard drives are power hogs!

Dell Inspiron B120 Laptop for Parts or Repair Pp21l

It turned out to be really easy. However, the plastic area around the screen is not held on very well and on the B inch screen version of the B it graphcs very thick and ugly looking. Watching an entire DVD at full brightness on this laptop would only work if the movie is 1-hour 30 minutes or less.

Indeed that is the bonus of using this mode because insplron programs are already launched when you reboot the system from hibernation. You have a backup. It is no poor cousin when comes time to perform.


The touchpad which replaces a mouse is a joy to use, in my experience, and it is interesting how I reach for it at work, where I have a conventional keyboard and mouse! I bought this Dell notebook from a student who decided to sell the laptop because it did not have a wireless card built-in, and it was too much of a hassle for them to carry a USB adaptor with its trailing tail.

It does take a bit of getting used to, as is true for any notebook. I was using a GiB hard drive with six partitions: I returned the Maxtor One Touch II external because there were problems with its touted restore operations and software reinstallations hence the 3rd PC restore on my B — that story, some other time … sigh!

I am very proud owner of a Inspirn B We use the program Super Pi to calculate the number Pi to 2-million digits of accuracy, this is a good way of simply forcing the processor to do work to calculate a number and deriving performance from the time it takes to achieve the end goal. Underside view of B view large image.

You can drive up the volume pretty high without having any clipping.

Dell Inspiron B Specs – CNET

unspiron Don’t use this space for a list of your hardware. Am I faced with a re-installation of Lubuntu? The look of the Inspiron B is a mix of silver and black. The battery will last longer if the laptop is only used for web browsing. Visit our network of sites: Speakers The speakers are quite tinny, with audible distortion and do not play very loud.


Oh well, one less sticker on the notebook to peel off! November 7th, 4.

Dell Inspiron B130 and B120 Review (pics, specs)

The proverbial handwriting was on the wall! Visit our network of sites: The keyboard on the B is fine.

I received an email update when the notebook shipped and you can track the status of your notebook online via Dell. Left side view of Inspiron B view large image. Visit our network of sites: Having all the ports on the left side means things will get busy over there if you have 3 USB devices plugged in — spreading them out a bit would have been nice.

It is really a minor point.

Left grapyics view of Inspiron B view large image Wireless: Try it live, so that you know that it works, or try other versions until you find which version works for you: A nice thing is that only the area around the CPU, which is in the back left, gets warm and not the entire underside. It is more so the case with the corel presentation files which are now more tolerant of MS Powerpoint files.