Create XA-compliant, external data source types and instances of XA-compliant, external data sources. Schrouf, Thank you for the help. Immediate commands are non-parameterized SQL statements that are passed directly to the data source. Specifies the delimiter character used in the DriverProperties prompt. Specifies the user name the adapter uses to connect to the database. Specifies the maximum number of physical connections the pool should keep available at all times. This provider supports the following two-phase data source:

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I have created four xml-files like. IBM Informix product family Web pages.

All Informix security rules are respected. Specifies the delimiter character used in the DriverProperties prompt.

Processing …

Configuring a JDBC provider and data source. Until you have successfully configured all adapters for your Java CAPS project, your project cannot be properly executed. This property is used in conjunction with the Connection Retries setting. These parameters help prevent transaction management errors from occurring in the case of infformix client requests. These data sources can participate in two-phase commit transactions.


Ensures that the DBDATE value, at the moment that the adapter connects to an Informix database, is the same value that was in effect immediately after the adapter’s environment was set up. Specifies the number of retries to establish a connection upon initial failure. The following properties are required: To activate the XA Transaction Management feature, the server has to be configured in Transaction Coordination Mode, using the Web console configuration functions.

Therefore, to preserve any lowercase owner name, you must enclose it in double quotation marks. The default is 0. Before deploying your adapter, you will need xs set the Environment properties. The following environment settings apply when configuring the server with the Adapter for Informix.

Data source minimum required settings for Informix

The following one-phase data source is supported: Register XA-compliant, external data sources with Informix. Thank you for the reply Thanks. The inforix of the database from which the data source obtains connections.

Write permission for the Informix data and index files. Switch to a non-ANSI database.

Otherwise, Informix will default to uppercase for the owner name. Outbound Sybase non-Transactional Adapter. Sybase Adapter Environment Properties.


This content has been marked as final. The current value of DBDATE is communicated to the Informix database by the Informix client at the moment that it connects to informlx database, and remains in effect until the Informix client disconnects from the database. Specifies the name of the Informix server being used. Acodingly, Our application has following flow. Note – The setSpyAttributes, contained in the following examples between the last set of double octothorps [ ] within each example informox, are used for debugging purposes and need not be used on every occasion.

Local Informix database servers. Configuring a JDBC provider using the administrative console. I checked the issue but it says it will time out and the Informix is not honoring the transaction isolation level. Do you think by setting to log mode or do we need to somthink else.