It is reporting V4. My workbench times out when it can connect to the CPU. When IAR installed offered a side by side install which upgrades the current version to the latest but then runs out original older version directory thereby not offering later CPU’s???? I’ve looked into the Eclipse plugin but this seems to rely on the IAR compiler still. Good to hear it works fine now.

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Firmware flashing with IAR on FRDM board

In some cases, the debugger could fail to clear temporary breakpoints set to control the execution of the flash loader. Ask a new question Ask a new question Cancel. If this occurs, just click OK to continue. Ask a related question Ask a new question. jllink

Plug-In for IAR Embedded Workbench

This has been fixed but requires a J-Link v8 or later to get the higher speed. Only a few pins needed for SWD to work yet iqr not work.

In addition, it is available in the The new J-Link driver will automatically update the firmware. Setting breakpoints during jlini. You may, however, examine any task by double-clicking on the corresponding row in the plug-in window.

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Support for the flash download and flash breakpoints features offered by J-Link optional features. The same rule can be applied to installing e2 Studio versions.

embedded – Writing IAR output to ARM chips without IAR – Stack Overflow

The error message when setting a breakpoint fails was not informative enough. Please also use the instructions in the following processors.

There was an inconsistency between the J-Link control panel and the C-SPY debugger when showing information about the actual breakpoint jlibk used on target. The disassembly window made accesses to the VICAddress register etc. Use of the information on this site may require a license from a third party, or a license from Jlin. Anything I may have missed in making this assumption? In reply to Kobi Leibovitch: Follow sequence below – you can hit return to pick defaults.

If you have a related question, please click the ” Ask a related question ” button in the top right corner. Apr 25, 8: CPU reset is now performed properly for Stellaris devices that need special reset handling.

For Cortex-M3, the debugger sometimes left hardware breakpoints enabled when stepping which made the target seem to be halted on the current address. Vector catch functionallity did not work properly and in some cases this could lead to the fact that two breakpoints were set at same address. In reply to cmb: You might need another software program to convert IAR’s standard executable output format to a format that J-Flash can use, perhaps hex, s-record, or binary.


Can the SPI interface be used? I cannot connect to the module. A misleading warning was shown iat debug log window about jlknk reset strategy 1 and Cortex-M1. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Diagnostic messages sent from the J-Link driver during download were incorrectly treated as warnings. Program corrections Some CPUs do not emit any trace information for ir instructions during single step due to a bug in the silicon.

Some CPUs do not emit any trace information for certain instructions during single step due to a bug in the silicon.

Breakpoints and memory can now be modified during execution.