The Actlabs VGA gun is no longer manufactured sadly. Even then, the last fight on the ship the pointer starts to lose focus. Home Help Search Login Register. It’s an awesome piece of hackery though, with lots of potential and almost a “public service”: Dochartaigh on October 06, , Apr 6, Posts: I ran into some problems installing the software on my laptop so I made this instruction for all of you that might find it useful.

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All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other wwindows. Drivers don’t seem to install at all on Win 7 bit.

Whats the difference between guncon 1 and guncon 2?

I think it’s due to the gun itself. I also have two guncon2, but, what is this? Apr 6, Posts: Could you go into more detail about how you got the drivers to install on windows 7? June 21, windwos, The Metroid Prime Trilogy alone is worth getting the system, if only because it’ll never be on PC legally. If you make adjustments to the config.

I remember renting World at War inand it actually wasn’t horrible. Extract the zipped file to a folder.

Guncon 2 – Dead Horse or Still Alive?

If you’re just talking about the PC, though Please discuss this issue on the article’s talk page. The difference between the two is that the original uses the game port and the new version uses the usb port. I assume Wingun uses targets because of the rolling x trouble. You must understand I can’t legally pack my software with theses drivers even if they are free users must find and install it by themselves.


Ive got a buddy willing to sell me the original ps time gucon with gun con 1 for ten bucks. Wed Jun 12, 9: This is absolutly not the same technology real lightguns like guncon 1, 2, early arcade gun read the beam from crt display and calculate coords with timings top blanking.

Open the “gunguncon2” folder, then the “x64″folder en run the “Gungun” executable file. The controller is released in black in Japan, blue in Europe, and orange in North America. As well as being stick in XP again, may or may not be a problem, depends on your needs.

Since I only tested the software in Windows 7 Bit this instruction applies to windows 7 gunxon bit, but maybe it works on other 64 bit operating systems as well. Phasermaniac is showing some success working on a fully-software version of what ugncon circuit does, hopefully that can simplify things further.

Are you guys using 15khz monitors with this? Wed Yuncon 12, 4: It is not compatible with original PlayStation titles or PlayStation 3 titles.


Whats the difference between guncon 1 and guncon 2? – Ars Technica OpenForum

My Life in Gaming. Thanks, and great work. Double Life Mountain PlayStation marketing. Originally posted by Schnurri:.

I am curious if the Nintendo zapper is more accurate or not and if the NES software compensates for it. Namco has made gun controllers for the Time Crisis games and will presumably release a GunCon 4 with Time Crisis 5 sometime in the next year or sobut those are meant for consoles and so some independent developer would probably have to write a driver.

My script kinda work, althoughsome games looses some shoot, others seem to need the trigger be delayed even 30ms, I’m not very confident with the timings I’m using I haven’t tried it, but I doubt most FPS games would work very well with a light gun, even if someone wrote the necessary drivers to make it a pointing device.