The B43 thread is somewhat unreliable. In addition to the kernel driver, some chipsets also require firmware. For more information on configuring wireless networking in Gentoo Linux, please read the Wireless networking chapter in the Gentoo Handbook. Is there something else I need to enable to get them to show up? Sorry but I haven’t followed the develop of the broadcom driver The easiest way is to use wget to get the packages:

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Lacks powersaving, LED support and other features.

Gentoo Portage Overlays – net-wireless/bfwcutter

Tue Apr 29, 4: This can be gentooo by adding the following to your network configuration assuming wlan0 is the device name. Wifi From Gentoo Wiki. Proprietary, no AP or Monitor modes, Comparison of bcm43xx drivers. Tue, 14 Oct Network device names eth0wlan0etc.

Fri May 02, 5: Assuming you’re now using the kernel with the b43 -legacy driver in, you can load it with: You’ll first need to unmask the cutter with: Broadcom Gentooo found b43legacy-phy0: In addition to the kernel driver, some chipsets also require firmware.


Radio turned off by software. You can find documentation on these patches on the aircrack-ng website.

Minstrel and its My router only asks for a “passphrase” that it then changes into an HEX value that I use to authenticate. If the Windows drivers from your card or laptop manufacturer don’t work, try searching for the pciid on the ndiswrapper wiki.

If in doubt, there is a list of the supported cards here: For generic installation instructions please see the Gentoo Handbook. It can be found linuxwireless.

First obtain the list of detected USB devices on the system:. Some wireless drivers also require a rate control algorithm.

If in doubt, you can look here http: Sun Apr 13, 3: Mon Apr 28, 5: But for some cards eg. Your first port of call when problem arise is the output of dmesgwhich displays the kernel log.

The patches themselves can be downloaded from http: The B43 thread is somewhat unreliable. Copyright Gentoo Foundation, Inc.


sys-firmware/bfirmware – Gentoo Packages

Mon Apr 14, 2: Next the right set of corresponding kernel options need to be enabled, based on the drivers and hardware detected previously. Tue Apr 29, 1: Got the card recognise and everything using wireless tools. It’s located on the 1st install DVD and named “broadcomxpinstaller. My current config looks like this Code: Thu May 01, 8: