Lovely pedals, lovely people. Includes 12V Wall-wart Power Supply: High quality low-noise switched mode 12VDC at 1. KoT is not same league it is also different and I’ll sell it. Very cool to tube roll in it and get different responses. Royness , May 19, I was thinking of getting a lazy J cruiser, but just for home use.

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The Best of the Best Here’s a small selection of some of our guitar pedal reviews!

Pros Beautiful clean channel. Lovely pedals, lovely people.

Blackbird Vacuum Tube Preamp

EffectrodeReviews New Tagged With: Some effects switchers also allow amp control functions. The BB pedal is expensive, but it is one of the pedals I have ever owned.

It can even act as your pedalboard based amp solution or tube tone recording solution when in both cases used in combination with your preferred method of speaker cab simulation.

Yes, blsckbird is a very special instrument. I just happen to personally prefer the Tube Drive. The drive effects cover the full spectrum of vintage and modern tones, going from Dumble-like smoothness to a more aggressive bite with practically endless sustain.


The Blackbird on the other hand allows you to place effects in the fx loop just like in a conventional serial fx loop of an amp, yube is enough in most cases I think. I just want to touch briefly on the design of this elegant instrument.

Very cool to tube roll in it and get different responses. Evidence Audio is the real deal.

King Of Tone Vs Effectrode Tube Drive

To be honest, both are great pedals. Read our definitive H9 Harmonizer review. Search Media New Media. Leave a reply Effectrpde a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

In use, the new Blackbird is exceptionally quiet with almost inaudible hiss and hum levels. Catalinbread have created what is perhaps the ultimate Blqckbird pedal with the Dirty Little Secret. Just to jump in on this thread again, I had said back in my post in May that I thought the KoT was slightly more versatile.

New stocks of Effectrode Blackbird Tube Preamps have arrived. – Tone Proshop

Do you already have an account? RoynessMay 19, Minstrel, Jester, Jouster and even low gain Page. Gabriel Tanaka Filed Under: You might find a way to make a great thing even better.


Here are the 20 best delays in ! The Gamechanger Audio Plus Pedal offers an innovative design that inspires new ways of playing guitar.

Blackbird Vacuum Tube Preamp – Effectrode

Want some amazing “Plexi” tone? The Strymon DIG is a dual digital delay pedal with tap tempo and amazingly gorgeous sound quality. The Adventure Audio Whateverb is a compact multi-reverb pedal unlike any other, warranting a closer look. With the Gain set left of efffctrode, the Classic mode gives you a great, alternate clean setting if you dial in the EQ a bit differently than the Clean channel.

So you can end up with the low-gain drive that you want on one end, and a decent crunch on the other. April 24, at 1: TubevalvemaniacJul 24,