I don’t even have the “Biometric Devices” icon in the control panel. I don’t need RFID access, although maybe smartcard will be useful if I every use this laptop in a business environment. I did a lot of tests, on X86 freezes sometimes and on X64 gets worse, freezes all times, and my problem is very simple. Meanwhile, all of the I deliberately use may, as the firmware of TCEFA1FH is designed for use with Broadcom only – it does not support some of the more advanced USB features my understanding is that these are primarily related to error recovery.

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Saturday, May 9, I will do the same.

Friday, July 31, 5: I think the solution is wait for Broadcom release these drivers. I just would like to use the fingerprint to logon windows, and I discovery something very amazing.

I haven’t found anything so far.

I could REM out a line of code or two in INF file of the fingerprint sensor device Well, I would love to have a complete information about that ;- But frankly speaking I don’t see any logical reason why to do this. Yes it is garbage but it does work with my precision W Wednesday, June 10, 7: Monday, May 18, usb In my opinion this would improve the usability of the fingerprint reader significantly.


Sign in to vote. Same driver, yet I’m connected at gig-e speeds on cisco switches here at work as well as on cisco hardware at home. Friday, December 4, 3: Monday, May 18, 7: Find the wizard in fnigerprint point then wait a long time for it to come up.

No Biometric Control Panel Applet when using Broadcom USH CV w/Fringerprint Swipe Sensor

Friday, May 22, 5: It rocked, form fill, you name it, it worked! Tuesday, January 5, 8: The time now is Monday, October 12, 8: Glad to see its not only me, hopfully some others will speak up and we might get a solution.

Bump for more exposure. Has anyone had any success getting this to work? I don’t need RFID access, although maybe smartcard will be useful if I every use this laptop in a business environment. New 17 Mar 2.

But this time this is not the case. Right click the file and select the Run As Administrator option to install. Sorry for unmarking your comment as an answer, this might very well be a driver issue but seeing as Windows 7 is detecting it correctly I dont believe this to be true. Driver is installed and registered correctly it looks like within the device manager.


Dell Precision M6400 Broadcom USH what is that?

It groadcom also be related to the fact that the error shown in the article is different from the one I’m reporting. This is all too complicated! My drivers are being picked up correctly and is being reported correctly within the device manager. You can try uninstalling the drivers in Device Manager and then reinstall them using the Windows 7 Compatibility Mode options.

I know RC was supposed to basically be the release version, but that didn’t happen. Friday, June 12, 5: It’s like if you want modify your video drivers to control your printer ;- Broadcom coprocessor and our fingerprint sensor fingerpriht completely different devices, each of them requires a different driver.