The input and output jacks on these pedals stick out and look bad, so we add some hardware on the inside of the jacks to make them look better and more like the originals. It explains everything you need to send in a pedal for the mod. My collaborator in Japan Ohbayashi san , and I came up with this mod as we knew there was real promise in the BD-2 pedal. The Newest ’98 and later switches seem to be holding up better, we do not replace them unless they are already flaky. We located some of these pots with the correct value and a shaft that will exactly fit the original knobs. But it will only get half as distorted when all the way up, compared to before. Here is some info if you are nervous about online ordering.

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We put Boss style AC adaptor jacks on pedals quite often, and can add LEDs, usually as an option with a true bypass mod. Scorching and musical without tearing enamel off my teeth. I set them with the TS9 for rhythm and kick on the BD2 for analobman or heavy rhythm. Thank you so so much for sending it. We also have the ZIM Dual Overdrive, which is a true two-pedals-in one with unique voicing controls to get all sorts of cool sounds.

Analogmaan large grey AC powered CE-1 was one of the first chorus pedals made. Maxon OD-9 now in stock!

He used it all over his album How I GoKenny said it sounded awesome through his Tweed Twin reissue and two Dumble amps that he used. Also check out Sweet little Lady on his Myspace page for a Sunface with the same guitar and amp. It saved the day! I have spent weeks of research changing nearly every component on the SD-1 and have found the ones that really make it sound better- like pulling a blanket off the speaker cabinet!


Online ordering is below.

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We sell a new 12V DC adaptor now, it sounds awesome with the silver mod and our chorus and compressor pedals and many other pedals too. When we checked one out, we found they were using some excellent quality components, and the circuit was nearly a tube screamer as people expected. It sounds great in both clean boost and overdrive and B,ues just can’t decide how to use it.

The overdrive comes back more smooth and creamy then it is out of the box from the Boss Roland factory. If it’s not something that I have time for, I will try to recommend someone. Thanks for doing what you do! You can check out the Harmony Central Effects reviews of our pedal mods.

Analog Man Vintage guitar effects

We can analogmaj optionally mount a round stomp switch for True Bypass at extra charge. When using only the mono jack on a CE-1, you get dry and wet out of that jack. So we will now offer this mod for the same price as our silver option on a TS9. I set it up like my stock pedal and all night long I was like Our midrange knob works great then, allowing you to add in the normal frequencies that sound great with guitar while keeping the annoying high end under control.


Please go to the bottom of my TS9 page for online ordering of a new blhes. The silver option has less of a mid range hump than a normal tube screamer. If you don’t mind a TICK or a little pop, check with us for pricing on the pedal you want to true bypass. I went right to work and added it to my pedal board along with my VOX wah and another stock TS re-issue anlogman.

Also, what REALLY impressed me is that playing rhythm is possible, and I’ve always shied away from pedals for rhythm playing because they sound too thin, cutty, and trebly. Gabriel Moses Macy Gray etc is using the silver analpgman along with many other pedals from us. It’s hard for us to give a good price for effects that are still readily avaible, as we don’t deal with “used” effects any more due to our time constraints.

We do not offer this mod as drilling and mounting the switch is very time consuming and messy.

The AD-9 uses about 18mA of power. So there is less circuitry in your signal path for a clearer, purer tone. With the King Of Tone you can tweek and tweek and all you get is a boatload of great variances of world class amp style distortion See my SD-9 page for more info on our revoicing.