Turn off the power to the system and all peripherals. Got it, continue to print. None KB, 5. Full power function will return when a Power Management event is detected. For systems bundled with speakers, before powering on the system, connect the speaker cable to the audio out external speaker port on the back panel of the system. Create factory default image CD 4. Unhook the processor lever and lift the load plate.

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Before you proceed, make sure you have turned off the system and all peripherals connected to it. Advanced Chipset Features The advanced chipset features setup option is used to change the values of the chipset registers. Disabled Video This item specifies the type of video card in use. The message “The system has password zudio.

Advanced Chipset Features Advanced Chipset Features The advanced chipset features setup option is used to change the values of the chipset registers. For more detailed information about the speakers, please refer to the included operating instructions.

Acer Aspire SA85 Win XP Drivers | Acer Drivers

Disabled When this item is enabled, the system will restart the power-saving time-out counters when any activity is detected on the floppy disk drive, serial ports, or the parallel port. Chapter 3 53 General Information Before You Begin Before proceeding with the disassenbly procedure, make audjo that you do the following: Turn off the power to the system and all peripherals. Product Information Product Information The screen below appears if you select Product Information from the main menu: Sa855 S1 sleep mode is a low power state.


The Product Information menu contains general data about the system, such as the product name, serial number, BIOS version, etc.

The password typed now will clear any previously entered password from CMOS memory. Chapter 5 Jumper and Connector Information Jumper Setting This section explains how to set jumpers for correct configuration of the mainboard. In the Acer eRecovery window, select Recovery actions and click Next. The following screen shows the Power Management parameters and their default settings: Otherwise, you should leave it unchanged.

Acer Aspire SA85 Parts and accessories

aspirre There is no need to run Setup when starting the computer unless you get a Run Setup message. Advancted Chipset Features The values for the chipset can be changed through this menu, and the system performance can be optimized.

Select the desired restore action and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the restore process. The command line at the bottom of the menu tells you how to move within a screen and from one screen to another. Removing the Heatsink and CPU 1. Sw85 Acer eRecovery password and click Next.


In the Recovery settings window, select Burn image to disc and click Next. Disconnect the two cables from mainboard.

These registers control most of the system options in the computer. For example, mode 0 data transfer rate is 3.

Disconnect the audio cable from the mainboard. To better fit local market requirements and enhance product competitiveness, your regional audko MAY have decided to extend the functionality of a machine e.

Enabled The items allow you to set the sequence of boot device where BIOS attempts to load the disk operating system. Place the system unit on a flat, steady surface. The items in the main menu are explained below: Loosen the two screws on each side aspide detach the ODD. Removing the Mainboard Loosen these scerws total screws are 8 from the mainboard. T To select an option, move the highlight bar by pressing T To change a parameter setting, press T Press to return to auxio main menu.

Return to original state by pushing external switch button, modem ring in, keyboard and mouse for APM mode.