Please contact our RMA center. Page 22 DIMM module. Serial Ata Connectors 1. Wake-up Headers Pin shorted: Hardware Setup After doing this to all the slots, you can slide the board into position aligned with slots. This LED lights up when the power supply is connected with power source. DO NOT place jumper caps on these connectors.

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ABIT KN9S, AM2+, AMD Motherboard | eBay

Written by Michael Larabel in Motherboards on 14 August Connects to the Suspend LED cable if there is one of chassis front panel. Pci Add-on Slots These indicators work as a reminding device to display the power status of this motherboard with power source connected.

After you had gone through the troubleshooting procedures, yet the problem still exists, or you find an evident damage on the motherboard.

This item sets the date you specify usually the current date in the format of [Month], [Date], and [Year]. Page 39 This item displays the approximate capacity of the disk drive.

Page 42 A larger value will give more delay time to the device for which to initialize and to prepare for activation.


Usually the size is slightly greater than the size of a formatted disk given by a disk-checking program. This FlashMenu screen appears. Connects to Local Area Network.

The system will not start without connecting power to this one. Insert one blank floppy disk to the selected floppy drive and click [Build]. Fan Power Connectors These connectors each provide power to the cooling fans installed in your system.

Init Display First This item selects which display slot to initialize first when the system boots. If not, browse the. Before starting these procedures, ensure that you are discharged of static electricity by touching a grounded metal object briefly. Enabled, if the BIOS detects no floppy drive, it will display a floppy disk drive error message.

Close the chassis and switch on the power supply unit or plug in the power cord. When set to [enabled], the following items become selectable. This option enables or disables the IEEE controller. Cylinder This item configures the number of cylinders. Attach the other end to SATA device. The heatsink for CPU may have thermal interface material attached bottom. Kv7 series amd athlon xp system board socket aabit pages.


Abit KN9S Manuals

Abit Eq the Hardware Doctor Utility 4. Page 40 K for system with K or more memory size installed on the motherboard. Secure the SLI bracket and the chipsef cards to the chassis with screws.

The default setting is Enabled. This LED lights up when the power supply is connected with power source.

ABIT KN9S Manuals

Connects to the line out from external audio sources. To install this utility: These connectors each provide power to the cooling fans installed in your system. Since that merger, Abit has been working hard at re-targeting their products to PC enthusiasts and gamers.

Follow the prompts on the screen to complete installation.

The following screen appears: Serial Ata Connectors 1. This item allows you to control the CPU fan speed.