The scanned area is produced as a copy. Developing Unit Section Loosen three screws and move the Scanner Motor Assy to the right or left to give tension to the spring. Compatible toner for Develop D ID. Mode Page – Tech. For details, see the relevant option service manual. The Start key is pressed.

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Toner cartridges for Develop D 1531 ID

Home Sensor S31 3. Remove the thermistor harness from the cover. Check voltage across a Master Board copier: Shift Motor M1 M PC32 Master Board copier: Remove the Paper Dust Remover Assy. Removal of the DC Power Supply 1.

Toner for Develop D 1531 ID

Reading the Text 1. Toner Bottle Home Position Detectio Paper Lifting Plate Page 50 Page 51 – Printer Develop ineo User Manual Gdi-driver 78 pages. Using a soft cloth dampened with alcohol, wipe the Right and Left Synchronizing Rollers clean of dirt. Cleaning Of The Ccd Sensor 3.


Power Supply Cooling Fan Motor ma Restore all parts and harnesses to their original positions. Mode Menu Function Tree Order within 4 hours 56 minutes: Boards in a location exposed to direct sunlight and high tem- perature. Option Page 69 – Remove four screws and the Paper Take-Up Assy.

Press the Start key to show the count.


Remove ten screws and the PWB Assy. Image Failure Samples Smear on back Troubleshooting Procedures By Image Failure Paper Empty Sensor PC35 7.

Removal of the PH Unit 1. DC24 V When pressed: Multiple ways of payment Choose the payment method which is most convenient for you. Slide out the 1st Tray.

Model selection – Select a manufacturer Manufacturer. Applies to products in stock only. Using deveop screw, secure the Mechanical Counter to its mounting bracket. Don’t have an account? Open the Right Door.